Payment Methods

We are able to accept various way to pay for orders.

Debit or Credit cards, and Paypal

We have chosen to use Paypal as a service provider to accept payments using a debit or credit card. You do not require a Paypal account to pay using your debit or credit card.

After selecting this payment method, and being directed to the Paypal payment page, simply fill in the details. If you do not have, or wish to have a Paypal account, fill in the form accordingly.

Bitcoin payments

Apart from traditional methods of paying by debit or credit card, we have also taken the decision to accept payment by bitcoin. You can find out more about this digital currency at:

Our bitcoin payment process

Our preferred payment method is a slightly longer process than the one described below, but it means you pay us directly. If you wish to pay with bitcoin, whilst placing your order you can simply choose the Cheque / Transfer or Other and simply add a note in the order stating you wish to pay with bitcoin. We will then send you an address, and QR code to make payment to. Once payment has been received we will manually update your order status, and proceed to process your order.

For speed & convenience, we also use to help process our bitcoin payments. This enables you to complete the payment at the time of placing your order. (The site is redirected to a payment page after you confirm your order.) Once this method is chosen , you will be provided with a payment address immediately, to which you can make payment. This process will also automatically update your order status once the payment has been received.

Part of the decision to start accepting bitcoin was due to our development of an OpenBazaar presence. This is an interesting development in online commerce. Please see for more information about OpenBazaar.

Other payment methods

We are also happy to accept payment by other methods, such as cash cheque, bank transfer or even barter! If you wish to get a payment to us by any other method than listed above, please simply choose the Payment by Cheque / Transfer or other method. It would help to write a note in the comments section, and the contact us with your proposal.

Whichever method is used, we will only process orders once payment has been received.

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